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Get it Delivered! Beer, Wine, & Spirits to your Door in Minutes

The one-and-only good thing about 2020 is now alcohol delivery in Austin is ubiquitous and easier than ever! Last year sent Liquor Stores, like us, scrambling to adapt to pandemic protocols, customer concerns, and regulation revisions. Monarch was quick to jump on marketplace applications like Drizly, Minibar, and UberEats to make sure we could still serve our customers in these unique times, but one thing became clear quite early: while our delivery sales were growing our bottom line wasn't.

These marketplace applications, while convenient, charge Liquor Stores a percentage of their sales--in the case of UberEat's 22%! Consequently, we have to increase prices for our customers on the platforms and sometimes deal with highly unreliable drivers.

NO MORE! Monarch has now launched our own website and app to make sure that our customers experience the same quality of service at their doorstep as they do in our store! On our application, we can charge in-store prices, run promotions, and dramatically speed up our delivery times; our average delivery time is now less than 40mins.

Cutting out the middleman means that we're able to save our customers time, money, and headache, so we think this move was well worth it!

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