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Monarch Liquor - Lakeway is Now Open

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If you're like us, you're excited anytime new businesses open off 620! We're extremely happy to be part of the excitement.

Shop Local

Monarch Liquor opened to be an alternative to big box stores. We take customer feedback very seriously and try to carry products that our customers will love. We are happy to source products for you and cater to whatever your boozy needs may be.

We take great pride in highlighting products from the hill country and are always excited to bring in new local Beers, Wines, and Liquors from all around Texas. You can expect us to be trendsetters when it comes to new and interesting products -- and if we ever miss something you can let us know!

Being a local store means we love our regulars and we love our surrounding neighborhoods. The perk of being an independent store is that we get to become as eclectic as our community.

Order Online

If you're reading this on our website and you live in Austin or Lakeway, congratulations, we deliver to you! For both locations, we're on third-party sites like Drizly, UberEats, and Minibar, but now you can order directly from us -- which is cheaper and faster! You can call either of our locations or order directly on our website.

Our average delivery time is under 45 minutes and on our website/ over-the-phone, we do not mark-up our products! All of our drivers are our trusted associates and Covid protocols are followed to the T.

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2 comentarios

Pretty funny... walked into Lakeway location today and the first thing out of the lady's mouth working there is "Mask, Face Covering" along with hand gestures... I respect the business owners right to set the policies for their stores but I respect my choice to shop unmasked. Drove directly to to Spec's and although there were plenty of sheep shopping the staff was friendly and helpful $1,056.87 later... Baaaaaahhhhhh Monarch!

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Monarch Liquor
Monarch Liquor
08 may 2021
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Hi! We're glad you have respect for our policies, and glad you were able to find what you were looking for regardless of the location! We mean that sincerely.

We're an independent and local business. The policies we put in place are to protect our staff so we can keep serving our local customers without fail :)

For future reference, we ask all customers to wear a face covering of any kind. If they choose not do so, they can still continue shopping, but we ask that they allow our associates to maintain their social distance. We also offer curbside and delivery for convenient mask-free shopping as well.

We are also look forward to the day when we no longer…

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